Leadership Experience

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Prince George's County Advocates for Community-Based Transit

Since September 2015, I have been a member of the Advisory Board for Prince George's County Advocates for Community-Based Transit, a local transit-advocacy non-profit. I help manage the group's Facebook page and have been involved in our efforts to increase public awareness of our organization and issues. My main role, though, has been researching and preparing reports on the state of transit and related issues in the area we serve and developing proposals for specific improvements to transit service.

MIT Science Fiction Society

I served as an officer of the MIT Science Fiction Society from May 2010 through January 2015 (secretary 2010-2012, vice president 2012-2014, and president 2014-2015). I led a 35-member organization responsible for operating and maintaining a 60,000-book open stack science fiction and fantasy library open to the general public. During this time, I spearheaded several successful projects to simplify the library's organization and increase the available shelf space for books. I also rewrote our operating guidelines and policies and arranged for a number of well-known authors to give talks and book-signings in the library. I am currently working on producing a new issue of our irregularly-published fanzine.

MIT Association of Student Activities

I served as a member of the Executive Board of the MIT Association of Student Activities from September 2011 through October 2013, including one year as Treasurer and four months as Acting President. The Association of Student Activities is the student government organization responsible for governing and administering MIT's roughly 475 student organizations. As Treasurer, I was responsible for the allocation of $175,000 in events funding to various student groups through the Large Events Fund and the Assisting Recurring Cultural and Diversity Events fund and for grant compliance enforcement on those allocations. I also served on the Undergraduate Association's and the Grad Student Council's funding boards, each of which allocated similar amounts, and was involved in the formation of a committee of the chairs of all the funding boards on campus to coordinate policy.

My work on the ASA Executive Board also included running the new student group recognition process, helping to run two reallocations of office space to student groups, and enforcing and updating our policies on postering on campus. At the end of my tenure, I also developed and advocated for a significant restructuring of the duties of the office of ASA Treasurer to make the job more reasonable for student volunteers.

MIT Graduate Student Council

I served as a General Council Representative from the MIT Chemistry Department on the MIT Graduate Student Council from October 2013 through January 2015. In this capacity, I served as the General Council's representative on the GSC Funding Board, served on the GSC Housing and Community Affairs Committee, and served as the GSC's representative to the advisory board of the dean responsible for event space and campus programming. I also drafted proposed changes to the GSC's governing documents to improve and clarify voting procedure.