Daniel Walter Rowlands

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d.w.rowlands [at] gmail.com

I am a recent graduate (September 2015) from MIT with a master's degree in physical chemistry and experience in teaching and science education. I did my Master's research on the etching of silicon surfaces by gases under ultra-high vacuum, and developed significant experience with experimental techniques in surface science and ultra-high vacuum. I received my BS in Chemistry with a Minor in History from Caltech in 2009. While there, I was engaged in research on nuclear magnetic resonance, developing new techniques of producing hyperpolarized nuclear spins for biological imaging.

I'm currently working as a visiting lecturer in physical and analytical chemistry at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I am also working as a freelance math, physics, and chemistry tutor in Prince George's and Montgomery Counties, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

I am seeking job opportunities in the Washington, DC area, particularly in education, policy, and data analysis. While I'm currently working as an educator, I'm looking to move towards a career that combines education and science policy. I have found that teaching is one of my passions, as well as something I am quite skilled at. However, I am also skilled at summarizing and evaluating information, and I would particularly like to find a career that allows me to combine these interests. A full CV is posted here; references and specific resumes are available upon request.

In my spare time, I write essays explaining scientific topics. My writing ranges in level from fairly technical to introductions aimed at audiences without technical training. I am hoping to expand both categories, but I particularly hope to write more technical science education material to aid some of my tutoring clients in understanding particularly difficult---or regularly poorly-explained---concepts.

In addition to my science writing, I often write essays on and do data visualization related to a number of other topics. Of particular interest to me are the history and current state of public transit in the United States and the history of Prince George's County Maryland.

I also occasionally write articles on the transportation, urban planning, and history of the Washington, DC area for Greater Greater Washington, a DC-area urbanism website. Links to my articles can be found on my page there.

As consequence of these interests, I've begun volunteering for Prince George's Advocates for Community-Based Transit, where I am leading the organization's efforts to document the state of transit availability in Prince George's County, Maryland and develop a set of priorities for transit improvement to form the basis of our advocacy efforts.

Contact information can be found here and my LinkedIn page is available here.